Whats the latest news?!

Posted: March 2, 2015 in general digest

So after quite a hiatus I have decided to run once again with the podcasts. I used to run the techformation mixes and podcast from this site, however it never really came to fruition. So a new theme and a new approach is required! My main goal is to keep the site and podcast simple. I will be playing primarily UK hard dance genres from hard house to hardcore and beyond. The main reason for this is that I believe there is a heavy European influence in the UK hard scene (and its all good) but I feel we are losing our roots with the UK hard scene. There are many great, unsung producers and dj’s out there who are still keeping the scenes alive and I would like to showcase those talents. I will be chatting on my podcasts however there will be a feature called the big mixdown which will have all the same tracks (and more) as the podcast in a dj style mix.

I am still formulating ideas so be patient as I work to get it bang on, but please watch this space as the first podcast will be up soon. Follow me on twitter @mistabeetz for all the up to date info.